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Welcome to the Virtual Football League. This is a league based in the U.K and is a simulation league where you can come in with your friends and/or join a team to try to win the title of "VFL Champion".

We existed on XBOX 360 for 6 seasons before making the jump to the XBOX One, therefore, we want to welcome returning members as well as potential new members. We will shortly be able to offer two divisions of competitive VFL football, with the VFL Barclays Premier League and the VFL Championship being the basis of league competition. The VFL BPL will contain 20 teams, with the Championship being a work in progress ! No matter which division you join, you have the chance to win your respective league as well as some domestic cups (FA Cup, Capital One Cup etc..). Winning the league or cup can be great too if you're an Ultimate Team player, as we offer coin, Microsoft Point and even CASH prizes for the players/teams.

You also can come in alone, and join a team as a free agent. Teams are always looking for more talent. So come in, read the rules, join the site, and get on a team to get playing. Thank you for choosing us, the Virtual Football League and we hope you enjoy your game-time here ! If you do wish to set up a team, please click here

Other than that, thanks for reading, feel free to browse the website for any information you need, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us (the owners), via. our Gamertags below. Thank you for stopping by and see you on game day !


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l 9 l Messiah l


As well as being able to play organised league matches, you and friends can also stake your claim for some Ultimate Team Coin and Microsoft Point prizes!

VFL Forums

Interact with the VFL community ! League and Cup winners will also receive custom userbars to show off to the rest of VFL !

VFL Media

Got a recording device ? Want to share your VFL games ? It's possible ! Contact an admin !

VFL Sponsor

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